Top 10 Movies Of Shahrukh Khan That You Should Not Miss

While introducing Shahrukh Khan one thing comes in the mind that the name is enough, ‘Shahrukh Khan’.

Shahrukh Khan of Bollywood is known with many names like Badshah of Bollywood, King Khan, King of Romance and many more.

He is the only actor in Bollywood who comes first in the mind whenever romance is mentioned.

Top 10 Shahrukh Khan Movies List

Top 10 Shahrukh Khan Movies List

Here is we share with you Top 10 Shahrukh Khan Movies Top 10 List. Shahrukh Khan started his career from a small screen showing his acting skills in serials.

Shahrukh Khan Debut with Fauji Serial on Small Screen. Also his popular by serial Circus, Wagle Ki Duniya from 1989 to 1991.

After that he was jumped to the big screen by debuting from the super hit movie Deewana in 1992. This is SRK First Movie.

With the success of his first movie, he started a journey that has never witnessed any failure and continuing it till now.

Shahrukh Khan Super Hit Movies

Shahrukh Khan in his 37 years of career in Bollywood did all types of movies like romantic, action and emotional.

But none of the movies of Shahrukh Khan is completed without having a girl and romance in it.

So here we are presenting you with the top ten movies of Shahrukh Khan (Srk Movie List)  that you should definitely watch.

  1. Baazigar, Srk Hit Movie

Date Of Release: 12 November 1993

Baazigar is because of Shahrukh Khan. The movie is a blockbuster because of the superb acting and effective dialogues of King Khan.

Abbas Mustan directed Baazigar, showed perfect negative shades of Shahrukh Khan.

Mostly Shahrukh appears in the movie in a romantic role but in this movie, he played the character of a person who takes his father’s revenge from Madan Chopra.

The movie is a crime thriller and definitely will thrill you with its unpredictable plot. You will love Shahrukh Khan in the movie despite seeing him murdering others and laughing like a villain throughout the movie.

The movie is really worth watching because it is packed with thriller, drama, comedy, and dialogues, like Kabhi kabhi jeetne ke liye kuch haarna bhi padta hai aur haar kar jeetne waale ko baazigar kehte hai.

2. Chak De! India, Shahrukh Khan Super Hit Movies

Date Of Release: 10 August 2007

Chak De! India would be the only movie where Sharukh Khan didn’t do romance with a girl.

In Chak De! India, Shahrukh Khan played the character of Kabir Khan who is a coach of the Indian Hockey girls team. Kabir trained girls for representing team India in Hockey World Cup for registering a successful win.

If you are not a fan of Shahrukh Khan, then also the movie is worth watching It depicts the story of a Kabir Singh who is a patriotic coach and can do anything to make India win in the Hockey World Cup.

In the movie, you will witness an angry and enthusiastic Shahrukh Khan. The movie was appreciated with the number of the award ceremony and also won a National Film award.

3. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Shahrukh Khan Most Popular Movie

Date Of Release: 19 October 1995

Before doing Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, the talent of Shahrukh Khan remained unrecognized.

But when Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge movie hit the theater, the Shahrukh Khan emerged as King of Romance.

Shahrukh Khan and Kajol starer DDLJ is a romantic movie which is directed by Aditya Chopra and produced by Yash Chopra.

It is a family movie and still when it telecasted on television, the whole family gathered together to watch the movie.

In the movie, Shahrukh Khan played the character of Raj Malhotra who falls in love with Simran Singh (Kajol).

But Simran’s father had already fixed the marriage of Simran with Kuljeet Singh(Parmeet Sethi).

How Raj managed to win Simran back is all about the movie. The movie was appreciated worldwide, especially for the performance of Shahrukh Khan.

The popularity of the movie can be imagined with the fact that Maratha Mandir Cinema, a theater in Mumbai has been showing the movie for 20 years and still running on.

4. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Date Of Release: 16 October 1998

The Karan Johar debut directed movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai brings back our King Khan into a romantic phase.

With the release of the movie, Bollywood got a successful duo Karan and Shahrukh. Togeather they did many movies.

Shahrukh, Kajol and Rani Mukherji starer movie once again brought the era of DDLJ. But this time Shahrukh emerges in a modern look, romancing with Rani and Kajol.

KKHT was the highest-earning movie of 1998 and also entered in UK Cinema Top 10 list.

The movie is worth watching for those who are fans of Shahrukh Khan and loves to see him doing romantic roles.

5. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Date Of Release: 14 December 2001

Another successful project of Karan Johar managed to bring the families of India together to gather in the theater to watch the movie.

With having such a huge star cast like Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Kajol, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Hritik Roshan, and Jaya Bachchan successfully collected $9 Million approx worldwide.

In the movie, Shahrukh was seen romancing, entertaining and making everyone emotional through his acting.

A scene from the movie made audiences to cry, where Shahrukh Khan leaves his house after his father refused to accept Kajol as his daughter in law.

The dialogues and songs of the movie were also appreciated by the audience.

6. Kal Ho Naa Ho

Date Of Release: 28 November 2003

It is the third project of the duo Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan. Like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham., Kal Ho Naa Ho is also a family entertainer.

Shahrukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta starer movie Kal Ho Naa Ho ends up giving a message to the society that there is only one life each one gets. Live it well, God knows tomorrow we may not be there.

This time also like his previous movies with Karan Johar, Shahrukh appeared in this movie romancing and playing a naughty character.

The chemistry of Saif Ali Khan and Shahrukh Khan with a texture of comedy is liked by everyone.

7. Veer-Zaara

Date Of Release: 12 November 2004

Yash Chopra directed movie Veer-Zaara showed the story of true love. We can compare this movie to Laila Majnu or Heer Ranjha type stories.

Where it was shown that no matter what happens and even being separated, hero heroin cannot live without each other.

The story of the movie runs in the same plot where a boy from India, Veer Pratap Singh (Shahrukh Khan) and a girl from Pakistan.

Zaara Hayaat Khan (Preity Zinta) falls in love with each other but because of some circumstances and family issues, they got separated from each other.

The movie is a complete dose of emotions and romance. Shahrukh’s old aged guy acting wons the heart of everyone.

8. Mohabbatein, Shahrukh Khan Best Movies

Date Of Release: 27 October 2000

Mohabbatein is another example of Shahrukh Khan’s splendid performance of a character who plays the role of coach.

Just like the role in movie Chak De! India, Shahrukh completely justifies with his role as a music teacher in the movie Mohabbatein.

The movie depicts the three stories of love that are incomplete. Only and Only Shahrukh with his talent and experience makes it possible to complete these stories.

The look of Shahrukh with a sweater in his back and a villain in his hands from the movie Mohabbatein became so famous that the stand-up artist always used to mimic him in their shows.

Mohabbatein successfully collected $5 Million worldwide and is the highest-earning movie of the year 2000.

9. My Name Is Khan

Date Of Release: 12 February 2010

My Name is Khan and I Am not a terrorist is a famous dialogue from the movie My Name Is Khan. Shahrukh Khan and Kajol whenever worked together creates magic in Bollywood.

Karan Johar came back after a long time with Shahrukh and Kajol to give another entertaining flick with having some shades of patriotism in it.

The movie is about a Muslim man who is suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. He loves his country and lives a happy married life with Kajol in New york.

But his life completely changes after the world trade center attack in New York. And the reason was that he is a Muslim.

Their son also got attacked by some group of students in the college for being a Muslim.

The movie is worth watching for only and only Shahrukh Khan’s performance.

10. Darr

Date Of Release: 24 December 1993

Whenever the names like Shahrukh Khan and Yash Chopra come together, it means the project gonna entertain us a lot.

Darr is a romantic thriller like his previous movie Baazigar. The difference is, this is a triangle love story where the character named Rahul Mehra(Shahrukh Khan) is in love with Kiran Awasthi(Juhi Chawla).

In this movie, Shahrukh Khan is a Pyscho lover and desperately wants Kiran in his life. But Kiran is engaged with Sunil Malhotra(Sunny Deol). Rahul Mehra can do anything to gain Kiran even can murder Sunil.

The audience will witness negative shades of Shahrukh Khan in this movie which he played so superbly that audiences will gonna forget him imagining in a romantic role after watching this movie.

The way he says K….k…..Kiran is loved by all.

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