Most Awaited Series ‘Gandi Baat’ Season 4 Trailer Released

The social media platform has always been entertainment for the viewers. In addition to it, Web series are emerging as a modern attraction for the audiences.

This is the reason why ALT Balaji is bringing its famous series Gandi Baat season four as a gift for their viewers in the new year.

Gandi Baat Session 4 Watch Full Video

Yes, the bold and sexual series Gandi Baat, which consists of the rural area based sexual stories is back with its fourth season.

ALT Balaji’s Series ‘Gandi Baat’ Season 4

Recently the ALT Balaji team launched the trailer of Gandi Baat season 4 in the starting of January 2020 and it will go air on Alt Balaji/Zee 5 from 7th of January 2020.

The trailer of Gandi Baat Season 4 comprises four stories from the village area related to sexual problems. Series is directed by Sachin Mohite and its Casts are Mridula Mahajan and Aditya Singh.

The last three seasons have received great love from the viewers as they liked their stories and sexual plus bold scenes.

Ekta Kapoor & Alt Balaji’s View

Basically Ekta Kapoor’s ALT Balaji always gives an opportunity to new actors to show their acting skills in the Gandi Baat series.

This time will also be the same. Gandi Baat Season four will be premiered from 7th January consisting of 4 to 5 Episode.

ALT Balaji and the team didn’t share much information on the series. They just launched the trailer.

The trailer is one minute and thirty-nine seconds long and it portraits only one story about a girl, who doesn’t like to do sex.

She always stays away from dirty talks and when she got married, she faces sex difficulties. Then she approaches her friend for the solution.

How her friend helps her in her sexual problems is all shown in the trailer. And at the end of the trailer, it is mentioned that the series will get premiered on the 7th of January 2020.

The fans of Gandi Baat series were eagerly waiting for the next season as there were rumors that the first episode of Gandi Baat season four has been leaked.

We don’t know whether it is correct or not. But it could be done in the internet world to create an enthusiasm in the fans for the next season.

There is no doubt that season four will also lock their viewers with them as the trailer seems to be bold and sexy.

We hope that the team ALT Balaji will come with more updates and trailers related to the Gandi Baat season four.

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