How To Apply For PFMS Scholarship, Detailed Information

Public Financial Management System is established by the Indian government for Direct Benefit Transfer/DBT to the Indian citizens. The government transfers all the types of subsidies through this system directly to the beneficiaries’ bank account.

You will be glad to know that PFMS delivers scholarships for those students who are financially week and willing to make their careers. Before we started to check out some points of this article.

  • What is the PFMS Scholarship
  • Public Financial Management System
  • How To Register PFMS Scholarship
  • How To Apply For PFMS Scholarship
  • Scholarships Under PFMS

How To Register PFMS Scholarship

How To Register PFMS Scholarship | How To Apply For PFMS Scholarship

As we all know that the literacy rate in our country has grown throughout the years. The awareness for education is increasing among the youth day by day.

But for completing the education one needs money. There are a lot of students who anyhow complete their higher secondary education but are unable to proceed with their vocational education due to lack of money.

For these students, the PFMS scholarship is a great help. In this article, we will provide you all the information to the user about the PFMS scholarship 2020.

How you can apply for this scheme, who are eligible for the scholarship, how to track your payment status. You will get all the information here.

Scholarships Under PFMS

  1. Scholarship under PFMS to college/university students
  2. PFMSScholarship to Post-matric SC/ST students
  3. Scholarship under PFMS to Pre- matric SC students
  4. PFMS Scholarship to National means cum merit scheme
  5. Scholarship under PFMS to National scheme for the incentive to the girls for the secondary education
  6. PFMS Scholarship for up-gradation of merit of SC students
  7. Scholarship under PFMS for top class education scheme for SC students
  8. PFMS Scholarship for post-matric OBC students

PFMS Scholarship Eligible Criteria

To know if you are eligible for the PFMS scholarship you must go through the official brochure of the PFMS scholarship. The eligibility of candidates should match the minimum eligibility requirements provided in the brochure.

Before registering your self for the PFMS Scholarship, make sure to match your eligibility with the minimum eligibility requirement provided in the brochure or you will be disqualified from applying for the form.

However, there are many standard eligible criteria but few of them which are basic criteria are as follows:

  • Candidate should be 10th class pass student at least
  • Minimum age of the candidate should be 18 years and maximum age should be 25 years.
  • This scholarship is meant for those students who belong to a financially week family. So the candidate who belongs to the family whose annual income is below 6 lakh per annum will only get selected.
  • The Government allows the students who are a citizen of India for the scholarship.
  • The students who are top scorers will only be eligible for the scholarship.

Main Documents Required For Registration In PFM;S Scholarship 2020

After making sure that you are an eligible candidate and comes under the minimum eligibility criteria of the PFMS Scholarship, then the next step is the documents you will require for the registration under the PFMS Scholarships.

Before uploading the documents in the website portal make sure that the documents you mentioned in the application form should match with the uploaded documents. Otherwise, at the time of verification, Government officials will reject your application which will result in no scholarship.

The documents which are compulsory are listed below:

  1. 10th, 12th and all eligible mark sheet of the candidates
  2. Recent Passport size photo of the candidate
  3. Scanned copy of the signature of the candidate
  4. Class/category certificate of the candidate
  5. Scanned copy of fee receipt
  6. Aadhaar Card
  7. ID proof of the candidate
  8. Income certificate of the earning member

Step By Step Registration Process For Registering Under P;FMS Scholarship 2020

Before registering yourself under PFMS Scholarship you have to visit portal first.

After that, you can log in by filling your login credentials by clicking on the login button present on the homepage of the website.

One more thing which you should keep in mind that please be ensure about the details of your documents which you will enter in the registration process. The government will cross-check all the details with your original documents.

While cross-checking the online application of candidates if any information found wrong by Government the chances of getting the application rejected will increase.

Here are steps for registration under the PFMS Scholarship:

  • Go to the website
  • Click on PFMS 2020 Scholarship student registration present at the homepage
  • Now select the option in the same page Scholarships to university/college students
  • In the next step enter the details of 12th class like the year of passing, education board
  • Enter your bank account details like account number and IFSC code of the bank
  • From the drop-down menu select your category
  • Validate all your details
  • Enter your correct mobile number and Email ID. In mobile number, you will receive OTP and in Email ID you will receive an email with a link to create a user name and password
  • Upload the documents after creating username and password
  • Check all the details carefully and then click on submit button

Public Financial Management System Payment Status

Sometimes many students remain unaware of the information regarding their scholarship amount. Whether it is credited or not in their account. You can get all your payment status by clicking the ‘Know Your Payment’ button which is present on the home page of the PFMS portal.

There are two ways the Government transfers the scholarship to students. One is through Aadhaar card number and the other is bank account number.

One can track his or her payment of scholarship in both the ways. Insert your Aadhaar card number if you are registered to get a scholarship through the Aadhaar card number.

Know Your Payment
A screen like this will appear after clicking Know Your Payment option

Then enter the word verification code. Click on the submit button.

If your scholarship is registered with bank account number then insert bank name first then account number and confirm account number. After then enter the verification code and click on the submit button.

Why Register under the Public Financial Management System

There are many students out there who are in need of money to complete their education. They know their ability, what they can do. Their I.Q and intelligence go wasted due to a lack of money.

That’s why the Government has taken an initiative to introduce students with The PFM;S Scholarship.

By registering yourself in the PFM;S-Scholarship students will get direct money if found eligible in his or her bank account without the involvement of a middle person or an intermediator.

Another benefit of registering under the scheme is that the student will be updated with SMS and Email about ongoing or upcoming scholarship schemes according to their uploaded bio-data in the portal.

One of the best features of the PFM;S Scholarship is that the system is reliable and transparent. The student can get all the information about their scholarships like payment status and upcoming programs related to the scholarship in one place.

In case of any inquiry related to P;FMS Scholarship students can also contact helpline numbers provided in the portal.

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