Online Pahani Report/Land Record/Bhoomi RTC Karnataka

If you own land in Karnataka and finds it difficult to collect its record or Pahani report then you don’t have to worry. Karnataka Government through the internet is providing you all the details of your land online. The citizens of Karnataka can go through all the records of their personally owned land by visiting the Karnataka Government official website Bhoomi RTC Portal

The time has been changed. Earlier the landowner had to visit the revenue department to get their land records. But now he can check all the records while sitting at home. In this article, our reader will go through all the information regarding records of Bhoomi Karnataka state land records online.

All the information like checking land records online, checking the mutation report, view revenue map of the land, etc. you will get in our article.

All about Bhoomi RTC portal/Land Record/Pahani Report Karnataka And Its Benefits

The Government of Karnataka with revenue department has launched the Bhoomi RTC Portal where the citizens of Karnataka state can view their land records, Online RTC, Mutation report, Revenue Maps of the land, Dispute track of the land and much more.

Karnataka land record portal is beneficial for those citizens of Karnataka who are willing to purchase land in the state.

This website saves citizens from every type of property fraud. By going through the Bhoomi portal a person who is willing to purchase land can check all the details of the land.

Whether the person with whom he is dealing with is a real owner? The land which he is going to purchase for the construction of the house is agriculture land? Or the land which the owner is going to sell you is a Government land?

So by checking all these details, you can save your self from fraudulent activities. There is a condition while collecting information from the portal.

The portal only shows the records and other information about the land which is situated in Karnataka state. Then whether it is lying in the rural area or under Gram Panchayat.

When you will visit the site then you will see many options like Bhoomi, Parihara, Upor, etc. But for land records, you have to select the option Bhoomi.

After selecting the options click on for citizen services. A menu will appear in front of you with options like i – RTC, Revenue Maps, View RTC and MR, View RTC and Information, Dispute cases and all.

Getting Yourself Registered For Karnataka Land Record Portal

If you are an owner of land in Karnataka state and willing to collect all records of the land then just register yourself in the Karnataka land record portal. It can be done by following some simple steps.

  • Go to the Karnataka Bhoomi Official Website
  • Click on Bhoomi Option- Citizen Services- i- IRTC
  • Hit the ‘create account’ option and after filling all the details click on the ‘submit’ button.

You can also register yourself for getting SMS alert on your mobile number

  • On the homepage click on ‘home services’. A drop-down menu will appear in front of you.
  • From the menu select the ‘Citizen Registration’ option.

Citizen Registration

  • Now fill the details like Aadhaar Number, Name, Mobile Number and the OTP which you will get at your mobile number. Click on ‘verify’ after filling all the details.

How to view RTC Rights, Tenancy And Crops Records Online

This is the main purpose of the Karnataka Government of developing this portal. To view the RTC report online. For viewing your RTC or land records online you have to go through these steps.

  1. In the Bhoomi Portal, click on ‘citizen services’. From the menu select ‘View RTC Information’.
  2. The page will appear in front of you where you can fill the information like District, Taluka, Hobli, Village and Survey Number. Click the ‘Fetch details’ button and you will get all the information related to your land.
  3. On the following page, you will get three types of details land details, Owner details, and Cultivator details.

View RTC/Pahani And Mutation Report

You can also view your RTC and Mutation report online by just following some simple steps. But first, let us explain to you the meaning of the mutation report.

If you have sold out your land and want to see the transfer history of the land online then you can have it under the mutation report option. A mutation report is the collection of data of land which is transferred from one buyer to another.

  • From the ‘citizen services’ menu click on ‘view RTC and MR’ option
  • In the next screen fill the details shown below

Mutation Report

  • You can search the RTC details by the current year or old year.
  • After filling the details you will get all the information about your land. You can also download the information for your future use.

For viewing the Mutation report follow the steps

  • From the ‘View RTC and MR’ page click on the ‘MR’ button which is present just next to the ‘old year’ button.
  • In the redirected page fill the required information. After filling the information you will get the details of the mutation report of land according to the survey number. For example, if you entered the survey number 10 then it will show the record of land belonging to survey number 10.
  • You will get all the information related to the land mutation like Transaction year, Transaction number, MR Number, Mutation type and Acquisition type.
  • For downloading the particular Transaction year mutation report. Click on the ‘select’ option of that year for which you want to view the mutation report. Then click on the ‘preview’ button and save the report.

How to view Revenue Map Of Your Land

Before revealing the steps to view the Revenue Map of your land, let us explain to you what is Revenue Map? Revenue Map is like a survey number wise map of your District, taluka or village. It is a physical map where all the borders are visible according to the survey number.

Steps to view Revenue Map

  1. From the Bhoomi Portal, click on ‘Home Services’. From the drop-down menu select the option ‘Revenue Maps’.
  2. Now fill the details like District, Taluk, Hobli, and village. Click on the ‘search’ option.
  3. You will get the list according to the selected option.
  4. Click on the PDF button to view the physical map. You can also ‘save’ the map for your future use.

Precautions While Handling These Online Land Records

If a person is searching for his land records, he may be doing this for a purpose. Either he is searching for it to make himself sure that his land has been registered in Government books of records. Or want to produce these documents in front of someone.

But before doing this have a look at how you can use these documents when compared to original documents.

First of all the online documents which you will get through this site is only for the information purpose. You cannot produce them as a piece of evidence in court to resolve your dispute.

For collecting the authorized copy you have to visit Tehsil Office.

Secondly, by having online records you will be safe from every kind of property fraud.

Third and the most important thing is after registering your sale deed at the time of purchasing land, make sure to complete your mutation process.

Your land record will not be shown online until and unless you are done with the mutation. If you think that the person who sold the land to you will not sell it to someone else then you are wrong.

It could be done if you have only registered sale deed but not completed your Mutation process. Because as per the records still the owner of the land will be the seller.

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