Naseeruddin Shah’s Duaghter Heeba Attacked Two Staff Members

Naseeruddin Shah is a legendary actor in Indian cinema. He is considered as a mentor for Bollywood actors.

But today, a piece of news of Naseeruddin Shah will leave you in a shock.

The daughter of Naseeruddin Shah, Heeba Shah is reported attacking two staff members of the Veterinary clinic in Versova, Mumbai.

Naseeruddin Shah's Duaghter Heeba

Heeba is also an actor like his father. An FIR has been filed against her after a video goes viral of Heeba where Heeba can be seen getting engaged in a war of words. And after that, she also attacked them in the video.

According to reports, Heeba’s friend Supriya Sharma took an appointment in the clinic for the treatment of her cats.

But because of the busy schedule, she couldn’t manage to visit the clinic. So she sent her friend Heeba to visit the clinic with her cats.

When Heeba approached there, she has been told to wait for two to three minutes as the Doctor was busy in some kind of operation.

After waiting for two or three minutes, she started shouting at staff members and also said Don’t you know who I am? You cannot make me wait for so long.

Then Heeba and staff members bumped into each other. After the incident, In a given interview to Mid Day, Staff Members said “On January 16 at 2.50 pm actress Heeba Shah walked into our community veterinary clinic with two cats for sterilization.

Our clinic caretaker asked her to wait for 5 minutes as surgery was on. After 2-3 minutes of waiting, she aggressively said to our staff members, “Don’t you know who I am? How can you make me wait for so long outside without any assistance? How come no one helped me to get my cats’ cage out of the rickshaw on arrival?”

According to the staff members, she also got aggressive on saying to fill the form before the treatment. She bounced on staff and abused them, saying that your system is poor and very slow.

They didn’t stop there. They also revealed that when on asking her to leave the premises with her cats she started abusing and begins to attack the staff.

On the other side, Heeba is narrating another story. In a given interview with Times Of India, she said” The staff was extremely rude.

I tried explaining that it was my friend who had sought the appointment but they asked me to wait.

I peeped into the preparation room and saw very unhygienic surroundings so I decided to leave.

At this, they were rude to me and pushed me and my cats out. I did shove one of the employees back and she struck her head on the wall. I did feel bad about it afterward”

Heeba also indicated to file a cross-complaint against the staff of the clinic.

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