Most Viewed Top Ten Comedy Movies On Netflix

Watch online Funny, Comedy Movies on Netflix & Shows. Netflix is a streaming platform that has brought the whole entertainment in one place. Whether it is about the movies or web shows, you will get everything here in a single click.

Netflix is an American media service provider company having major offices in countries like India, Japan, and South Korea.

Top Comedy Movies On Netflix

Comedy Movies on Netflix, Watch online

Before entering into the streaming service providing, Netflix started its business by selling DVD’s and also renting them.

Since 1997, when Netflix started its business has always remained successful to capture its customers whether it is in 1997 or present. Right now Netflix is shining with having around 150 Million subscribers and still counting.

Top Ten Comedy Movies On Netflix

Most Popular Comedy Movies on Netflix, Funny Show Videos. Here we are presenting to you the Top Comedy Movies on Netflix which you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Comedy and Funny Movies On Netflix

Step Brothers, Comedy Movies Watch online at Netflix

Released on July 25, 2008, Step Brothers is an American Comedy Movie directed by Adam Mckey.

The movie revolves around two brothers who had to live together because their respective parents married each other. Brennan Huff’s divorced mother married Dale Doback’s father. And after that, they began to live in a single room.

Then they start to bring trouble with them for their parents as they do nothing except troubling and sitting idle at home.

Getting annoyed with them, their parents warned them to do some job outside or they will throw them out.

The interest in the movie increases when Brennan’s younger brother Derek with her wife enters in the movie.

The movie somewhat resembles Dumb And Dumber and successfully got 6.9 ratings out of 10.

Bad Boys, Funny Movie | Comedy Movies On Netflix

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence starer Bad Boys is a movie that no one can ignore. Because it is packed with humor, laughter, action and brother bonding.

The chemistry of Will and Martin was well appreciated by the audience. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence played the role of detectives in this movie.

An interesting thing to watch about this movie is the way both were seen handling their cases by giving some textures of laughter in it.

The people who love to watch humor and action at the same time should watch the movie.

Bad Boys received a great response from the critics giving it 6.9 out of 10.

The Other Guys, Action, Comedy Funny Movie

Another movie with the concept of detectives hitting Netflix but with a different storyline.

The Other guy is an action-comedy movie released on the 2nd of August 2010.

Allen Gamble and Terry Hoitz are the two detectives in the movie. The whole department considered them as useless. They had no respect in the department and always get scolded from their seniors.

The comic chemistry of both the detectives with having some great action scenes makes the movie worth watching. The Other Guys ranked well in the critic’s scale.

Anger Management

Anger Management is a story about David Buznik (Adam Sandler) who is undergoing anger management therapy under Dr. Buddy Rydell(Jack Nicholson).

The reason for this David is a kind of aggressive person whose temper can be easily triggered by anyone.

The chemistry of David and his Dr. is worth watching in this movie.

The movie successfully grabbed around $190 Million worldwide and can be considered the best comedy movie of Adam Sandler.

Get Him To The Greek

Nicholas Stoller directed movie Get Him To The Greek successfully tickles the funny bones of the audiences.

Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) is a rockstar in a music world who now facing financial as well as moral problems.

The reasons are like his girlfriend broke up with him and his album didn’t get a response which he was expecting to get from the audiences.

Then he meets Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) who works in a record company. His condition is the same as Aldous.

The movie received great comments from critics like Get Him To The Greek is one of the year’s funniest comedy.

The performance of Russell Brand and Jonah Hill makes the movie worth watching.

New Comedies On Netflix

New Comedies On Netflix

Few movies are recently added by Netflix on its platform. Watch online at Netflix App.

Tall Girl

Tall Girl is a movie about a girl named Jodi Kreyman(Ave Machelle) who is six feet one and a half inch tall and the tallest among the whole girls in her school.

She has always been irritated with her height due to the problems she faces with it. Students used to tease her in school and make fun of her height.

But then a moment comes which completely changes her life. She falls in love with a guy.

Tall Girl is a family entertainer and especially enjoyed by kids.

Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems would be the best movie of Netflix recently updated as it has action, comedy, and drama.

The movie is a crime thriller that revolves around Howard Ratner(Adam Sandler) who is a jeweler.

Just because of his gambling addictions he ruined his life completely. He gets overburdened with debts and his family lefts him as he can’t able to repay his debts.

But a piece of interesting information which he receives turned the table for him completely. Through that information, he began searching for an uncut gem which is very precious and can help him to bring his previous life back.

Adam Sandler with his acting skills made the movie worth watching. The rating of the movie speaks about its success that is 8.9 out of 10.

Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe is a sweet romantic comedy movie that shows the story of a couple named Sasha Tran and Marcus Kim who are very close friends of each other.

Sasha and Marcus after building a healthy and sexual relationship suddenly broke off. A thin line breaks their relation after an argument arose between them.

They remained separated for 15 years. Then eventually they met again after 15 years but with different circumstances. Now Sasha has a boyfriend and Marcus has to deal with him.

While watching the romance of the two will take you to another world. The performance of the actors like Ali Wong, Randall Park, and Keanu Reeves will amuse you.

Best Comedy Shows On Netflix

Netflix is spreading entertainment around the world not only by movies but by its shows also. Here are some comedy web shows of Netflix.

Best Comedy Shows On Netflix

Sex Education

Sex Education is a web show which was premiered on 11th Of January 2019.

This web series provided fresh young entertainment. Some of the scenes in the show were so hilarious to watch.

Sex Education was released in two seasons one after the other and both the seasons will provide you the guaranteed entertainment. You will surely laugh aloud while watching Sex Education.

The enthusiasm for watching the show can be estimated by reading its storyline. The show is about Otis Milburn whose mother is a Sex Therapist.

Otis can be considered as a master in sex as her mother has got a profession on it. Otis with a girl Maeve who is his classmate opened a sex consultant office for advising the students who are suffering from sex problems.

The two seasons of the show have been released up till now with having a total of 16 episodes in them.

Friends From College

As the title of the show suggested, Friend From College is the story about the group of students who reunites at their hard-working days after a gap of more than 15 years.

Some of them now turned into their 30s or 40s. In this reunion where they all are busy in their ambition how they managed to recall their memories by adding some textures of laughter is all about the show.

Its first season was released on 14th Of July 2017 having 8 episodes in it. After 2 years came its second season which was released on 11th January 2019 having 8 episodes in it.

The Good Place

Netflix brings you the show which is based on heaven and hell stories. Good Place is a world where humans are sent after death.

Their they receive numerical points which decide their fate that whether they belong to Bad Place or Good Place. The numerical points are provided to humans on the basis of their behavior and conduct which they showed in their life before death.

Its completely a fictitious show but while watching it one will find everything real and adaptable.

After watching the show viewers will create an image in their mind that the world which will occur would be the same as this when life ends. Along with the unique story, the show got a lot of humor in it.

Since 2016, its four seasons have been released and entertaining a lot.

American Vandal

As the name suggests, this series is based on vandalism crime. Though the concept of the series is like a funny crime but makers tried to depict the show as a serious crime.

The show revolves around Dylan Maxwell who commits the crime by vandalizing twenty-seven school’s faculty cars with Phallic images.

While watching the show you will laugh aloud and will feel like the crime is talkative. This show also available in two sessions having 16 episodes.

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