Madhurima evicted, says will never go back to Vishal – Big Boss 13

Season 13 of Big Boss is topping all charts in the TRP list. This would be the first season where contestants are lifting hands on each other and yet are been in the show.

We witnessed several incidences in the house where contestants slap each other like Shehnaaz Gill slapped three to four times Siddharth Shukla and Mahira slapped Paras Chabra when he pampered her.

Madhurima Vishal

But there is an extraordinary couple in the house who went violent and got nominated for a week as punishment. Yes, we are talking about Madhurima Tuli and Vishal.

Earlier Madhurima Tuli in the Big Boss hit Vishal with a slipper and got nominated by Big Boss for a week. However, she succeeded to be in the house but last week Madhurima crossed all the limits and hit Vishal with a frying pan on his butt.

On Saturday Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman lashed both of them and warned Vishal for instigating Madhurima Tuli. Later he ordered Madhurima to leave the house immediately for creating violence in the house.

Salman even didn’t let other housemates see off Madhurima

Madhurima came out of the house and expressed her feelings while giving an interview. According to Madhurima, she will never go back to Vishal after the show gets over

She was hurt with Vishal because according to her she always tried to become close to him whenever a fight took place between them.

But she regrets of it and says that it was her biggest fault to approach Vishal and give him a chance again and again.

After coming outside while giving an interview she said “After whatever has happened inside the house, the little love I had for him, is over.

I will never go back to him. Whatever he has done to me inside, it is very clear he hates me and did not want me inside the house” She also said that “Rashami was my friend outside.

But inside, she was with Asim and Vishal and hence I felt a lot isolated and alone inside”

The interviewer also asked her about one thing she would like to change in her frying pan incident. On replying she answered “Honestly, I would just change one thing.

When I hit Vishal with ‘slippers’ and he went inside the confession room and asked Bigg Boss to throw me out or apologize. Despite that, I forgave him and went back to reconnect.

I shouldn’t have done that. I should have played my game and not concentrated on the relationship part.

He just did not want to see me in the house, that shows how much he hated me”

So, Madhurima made it clear that she will gonna stay away from Vishal when he comes out of the Big Boss.

But we cannot believe her as we witnessed in the house that after fighting with each other, within five or six-hour they were seen romancing each other.

Hope what Madhurima said will stick to it.

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