Kumkum Bhagya Episode 5 March 2020 Written Updates

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 5 March 2020: Today’s episode starts with Prachi and Ranbir helps dimple for getting ready for a photoshoot. Dimple is ready with her bridal saree look.

Prachi finds Dimple’s saree uncomfortable as Dimple’s navels can be seen. So Prachi again helps Dimple to redress herself.

Kumkum Bhagya 5 March 2020 Written Updates

Shahana brings a white cloth for hanging it in the wall as a background for the photoshoot. Prachi clicks a photo with mobile but she is a little bit jealous of both of them.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 5 March 2020

Then Prachi and Ranbir sit together for further planning. While sitting Ranbir holds the hand of Prachi which increases the heartbeat of both of them.

Minister Says No For Help

Vikram and Alia reach the office of Mr. Choubey’s senior minister for help. There they provide him the cheque of Rs. 1000000 as a party fund.

The minister gets very happy after seeing the cheque and says what can I do for you? Alia explains the whole matter to him that how Mr. Choubey is forcing Ranbir to marry his daughter

After listening to the matter the minister said that our party fund is overflowed and returns the cheque to Vikram. He says Mr. Choubey is my disciple. But now he is in his path of success.

If you need any other help you can tell me, says the Minister. Dimple is aware of Ranbir and Prachi’s love. Dimple while indicating Prachi and Ranbir says to Shahana that something is going on between them.

Shahana agrees to Dimple and says yes, something is going on between them. Dimple also says that soon Parchi will realize her love for Ranbir as she can see in her eyes.

Pallavi is in deep thought. She kept milk in the induction heater to boil. The milk was about to come out of the kettle, Vikram interfered and took the kettle out of the induction heater.

He then asked Pallavi what she is doing? Pallavi answered that she is upset about Ranbir. Vikram says to Pallavi that everything will be alright.

Ranbir’s Family Are Out For The Engagement

The whole family of Ranbir is ready for the engagement. But they are ready with their dresses not with their mood.

Mr. Choubey calls Vikram and asks for his family’s whereabouts. He asks Vikram should I send a car to pick you and your family? Vikram says we just stepping out for the engagement.

Rhea locked herself in the room and is very upset. Alia takes milkshake with her to deliver to Rhea.

Ranbir and Aryan are on the way in car for the engagement. They tried to lighten their mood by playing some songs in the car.

Dimple Is Out Of Delhi

Aryan, when saw Ranbir that he is smiling, understood that Ranbir is hiding something. And sings the song ‘Tum Itna Kyu Muskura Rahe Ho’.

Ranbir says to Vikram that this engagement will not happen. He explained the whole plan to Aryan. Aryan is happy with the plan and says no father will agree to marry her daughter to this kind of a person.

Then Aryan also understood that why Ranbir was happy. Ranbir said to Aryan if our plan gets successful then we will party hard.

Prachi is outside the Dimple’s house. She rang the doorbell. Dimple’s servant opened the door. Prachi asked the servent about Dimple.

Dimple’s servent said to Prachi that Dimple is out of the Dehli for her outdoor shooting. Prachi is shocked.

What will happen next? Will Dimple come back and help Ranbir?

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