Kumkum Bhagya Episode 5th Of February 2020 Written Updates

Today’s episode kicked off with Prachi saw Maya fighting with Saloni. Yesterday’s episode we saw that Prachi revealed the truth to Ranbir that she believes him and just doing the drama to expose Maya.

When Prachi saw Maya fighting with a girl name Saloni, finds something doubtfull. Something is not good according to her.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 5 February 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 5 February 2020

She then took Maya to the canteen where Aryan and Shahana were already there. When Maya asked Prachi that why she brought her here. She didn’t reply but was clear in her mind that she will get Maya to engage in talking with Shahana and then talk to Saloni in private.

Prachi Came With A Great Plan

When Prachi returned to Maya, she asked shall we leave? Then Prachi told Maya that her case will get weak. Maya asked Prachi that why she is saying like this. Prachi replied that Saloni has told her that she too got molested by Ranbir on the same night of Lohri when you got molested.

Maya remained shocked for some time. She asked details from Prachi. Prachi said Sonali told her that she was inside the same room where Ranbir took Maya that night.

Maya said Sonali is lying But Prachi didn’t listen to her and said that there is no use of helping you if Saloni is going to give her statement.

She continued that if Saloni accuses Ranbir of molestation then our case will become weak and you will prooved a liar.

Episode 5th Kumkum Bhagya (February 2020) Written Updates

Prachi then advises to Maya to convince Saloni to change her mind or else she will not help her. Wow, what a plan Prachi has made.

Maya after getting disturbed, called Rhea and told her the whole story. Rhea got upset and cant able to come with her next plan.

Prachi called Ranbir to meet her on the Roadside so that she can explain to him about her next move.

Ranbir met Prachi. Prachi explained to him the whole plan deeply that how Saloni will gonna give her statement. In her statement she will accuse Ranbir of Molestation.

Ranbir when heard Prachi’s plan didn’t agree with it. He completely refused it saying to save one molestation charges, facing another molestation charges will ruin his image. He will not do it.

Ranbir Agreed With Prachi’s Plan

But then Prachi explains to him that why she is doing this. She continued, Saloni will give her statement that she was also there in the same room with Ranbir and Maya. She will say that Maya is lying. Ranbir molested her in front of Maya.

Then Maya will be considered a liar and which in result weaken the case of Maya.

Ranbir gets this time and says hates off to you Prachi.

Will Prachi’s plan get successful or will put Ranbir in other trouble?

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