Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 4 March 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 4 March 2020: Today’s episode kicked off with Ranbir and Prachi are at the office and Ranbir asks Prachi to drop him. Prachi said she did not have a car. Ranbir said that he has a car and he will drop her.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 4 March 2020

Prachi is still now upset. Ranbir asks her are you upset because of what Rhea told you? She said to Ranbir suppose if you have to marry Maya then you will forget me? Will, you stop calling me? Will our friendship get broken?

Ranbir said he will not end their friendship anyhow. Ranbir arrives in Prachi’s house with Prachi. They both are upset.

Seeing them upset Pragya in front of Sarita aunty and Shahana asks them what happened? Why you both are upset?

Ranbir And Prachi Are Upset

Ranbir explained that our plan failed. Maya is ready to marry me. The person who was to help me to get me out of this is on the bed right now because he met with an accident.

While seeing in stress, Prachi asked everyone to please come with a solution to the problem. Sarita aunty says why not we get Maya married to another guy.

Ranbir opposed the plan and said that Maya’s father won’t let this happen. Sarita aunty then said if Maya goes against his father then this can happen.

Sarita Aunty Comes With A ‘Bhrahmastra’

The remaining members didn’t like the plan of Sarita aunty. Then Sarita aunty came with another plan. She even called that plan ‘Bhrahmastra’ and says when Ranbir is about to marry Maya, at that time his former wife with all proof will appear there and break this marriage.

She said that she got this plan from the movie she saw yesterday night.

All loved the idea. But Pragya asks from where we gonna bring the wife of Ranbir.

Pragya said that we will have to take NGO girls into confidence for the plan. Prachi and Ranbir are happy with the plan of Sarita aunty.

Rhea’s Bua Ji called a lawyer and introduced him to Vikram’s family by saying from now he will handle our case.

Then Vikram played the video where Ranbir had confessed his love with Maya. The lawyer seeing the video got angry and asks everyone why this video is still with you? Delete it as soon as possible.

Pallavi says that Mr. Choubey has this video. Lawyer says that I thought you told me everything. This video will weaken our case.

Ranbir said now there is only one way to bring him out of this mess. That is Maya and her father. If Maya and her father say no for the marriage then only this problem can be solved.

But nobody knows how to do this. That’s why everyone is stressed out.

Rhea’s Bua Ji finds Ranbir’s statement material. She says to Vikram please arrange my meeting with Mr. Choubey’s senior.

Dimple Is The New Girl For The Plan

Doorbells rang and Shahana opened the door. One modern girl entered the house. Ranbir and Prachi while seeing the girl asked who is she?.  Sarita aunty answered she is Dimple Shah and is the wife of Ranbir.

Everybody got shocked. Sarita aunty then explained to everyone that she is his wife according to the plan we made before.

Ranbir began flirting with Dimple to make Prachi jealous. Prachi sents Dimple with Shahana inside the room for making her prepare for the plan.

Another reason for that is she is getting jealous of seeing Ranbir and Dimple together.

Prachi while scolding Ranbir says you should concentrate on the plan rather than doing Dimple, Dimple, Dimple. Will the plan of Sarita Aunty work? Stay with us to know.

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