Kumkum Bhagya 3rd March 2020 Episode Written Updates

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 3 March 2020 Episode: Today’s episode starts with Vikram, Ranbir’s Dadi and his mom sitting together and having some funny chats at the dining table.

Then bell doorbell rings. Ranbir’s dadi opened the door and what she saw. She saw Maya’s father on the door with his wife and his guards. He is in Ranbir’s house for giving ‘Shagun’. Because tomorrow is engagement.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 3 March 2020

Maya’s father hugged Ranbir saying ‘Damadji’. While hugging he said to Ranbir in a sarcastic way that damaad can be enemy also if he would have said no to the marriage.

Mr. Choubey Warns The Whole Family

Mr. Politician is looking in a different mood today. He says to Ranbir give some brain to your father. One senior politician called my PA that makes Choubey Ji understand that not to force Ranbir’s family for his daughter’s marriage with Ranbir.

Then he warned Ranbir’s family by giving the example of his senior politician Vishnu who committed suicide because of him. He said that there was no proof with Vishnu about whatever he did to him.

He continued that what was happened to Vishnu’s family can also happen to anyone. Mr. Choubey indirectly gave warning to Ranbir’s family.

Rhea Blamed Prachi For All This

Rhea and Prachi were also there when all this drama took place. When Maya’s father left with his guard, Rhea blamed Prachi for all this.

She says this is happening because of you. That was you who convinced Ranbir to go to Maya’s house for taking her confession.

But Ranbir denied it and favor Prachi. Pallavi scolds Prachi for her plan and Vikram takes the favor of Prachi. Ranbir takes all the blame on himself and says it was me who made the plan, not Prachi.

Prachi is disturbed because Rhea scolded Prachi and warned him to stay away from Ranbir. She shouted at her In front of Ranbir’s family.

After all this Prachi starts ignoring Ranbir. Ranbir asked for a file from Prachi in the office but she didn’t go to the Ranbir’s cabin.

Prachi Ignores Ranbir

Prachi is frustrated right now and says to Ranbir that they stay away from me. Ranbir asked why she is behaving like this.

Prachi said that Ranbir’s family thinks that this all is happening because of her. Neither she would have taken Ranbir to the hotel, nor he had to confess Maya.

Ranbir understood that Prachi is upset with Rhea’s statements. Maya, on the other hand, is thinking about Rhea who warned her to stay away from Ranbir.

Maya stepped towards the cupboard for seeing the necklace which Rhea gave her. Her mom appeared from the back and saw that necklace in Maya’s hand.

On asking Maya that from where did she get such an expensive necklace? She answered that Ranbir gave her when she dated her.

Maya’s mom and Maya herself is very happy with this marriage. Ranbir requested to Prachi to not to leave him in such a difficult situation.

And they again get cozy with each other. Then he begged her not to go away from his life.

What will happen next? Will this engagement takes place? Or Prachi and Rhea will come up with her another plan?

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