Kumkum Bhagya Episode 27th February 2020 Written Updates

Today’s episode starts with Vikram saying to Ranbir that you have to marry Maya. Ranbir hearing this got shocked.

Vikram continued, “you have to marry Maya because you don’t know about these politicians. Maya’s father will charge you with another case if you don’t marry his daughter”.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 27 Feb 2020

Then Abhi in a soft tone speaks in front of everyone that he will not let this happen at any cost. Abhi said that he will let Ranbir out of this mess.

Rhea is also upset by seeing all this. Abhi when seeing Rhea that she is upset tried to lighten her mood saying that Ranbir will not love someone like Maya.

On the other hand, all members of the Ranbir family gathered together to come with the solution to the running problem.

Abhi Came With The Solution

According to Abhi Maya’s father applied the power of politics to fix the marriage of Ranbir and Maya. Abhi said that we will also do the same.

He Continued that whatever Maya’s father Mr. Choubey is right now is because of Mr. Siddharth Sharma who is a bigger politician than Mr. Choubey. We will talk to him.

Mr. Choubey at his house ordered his guard to keep an eye on Ranbir. Whereas Maya’s mother is happy with Maya and says she like Ranbir more than Mohit.

Maya is talking to herself. She says I should tell Ranbir that I cannot marry you. Maya’s mother heard the statement and said to Maya that “don’t dare to do this or else your father will cut you in pieces. You know how your father is. He is very image-conscious”. Maya after hearing all becomes tense.

Prachi reaches home. Sarita aunty with Shahana asked her whereabouts. Prachi tells the whole incident which took place in Ranbir’s house in detail to them. After hearing the whole incident Sarita aunty ask Prachi that Ranbir and Maya’s wedding got fixed? Didn’t the family of Ranbir said anything?

Prachi answered Sarita aunty that Mehra sir has assured everyone that he will help Ranbir to get him out of this mess.

Sarita aunty is happy after seeing Prachi getting worried about Ranbir. She said to herself that Prachi is in love with Ranbir.

Rhea is worried and came to her paternal aunt. She said to her that Maya is not picking her phone. Rhea’s aunt said not to worry at all. Just go to her and tell her to back off from this marriage or else demand all the money back which you gave her.

Ranbir’s Mom Likes Rhea

Ranbir’s Dadi worrying a lot regarding Ranbir and not ready to sleep. Rhea and Ranbir’s mom tried a lot to make understand her to please go to sleep.

Rhea says to Ranbir’s Dadi that you don’t have to worry I will help Ranbir. Ranbir’s mom is very happy seeing Rhea so concerned about Ranbir. She asked Rhea whether you like Ranbir or love her? In reply, Rhea smiled with an answer.

Prachi in the breakfast table seemed very upset. She is not eating and is in deep thought. When her mother asked her she said she is worried about Ranbir. She continued my plan fails. We were there to expose Maya and to find out who is behind all of this mess.

Prachi said to Pragya that it is not Maya who is doing this because she has no personal grudge with Ranbir. There’s someone behind Maya who is forcing her to do so.

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