Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2020 Episode Written Updates

Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2020 Episode Written Updates: Today’s episode starts with Aryan running to catch Shahana for teaching her a lesson.

Yesterday’s episode Shahana made a video to tease Aryan where he falls on the floor. Aryan annoyed with Shahana’s behavior ran after her.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 21st February 2020

Aryan in front of Ranbir, Prachi, Pragya, and Shahana throws water at Vikram’s face. Actually, he wanted to throw the water on Shahana but missed it.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 21st February 2020

The scene was really fun to watch. Vikram when saw Ranbir asked a question that what are you doing here? In yesterday’s episode, we saw that Ranbir lied to his father when was asked about his where beings. He said that he is outside due to some official work.

Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2020 Episode Written Updates

Ranbir nervously answered his father that he is here to help him in management.

Vikram scolded Shahana and Aryan for their childish behavior and asked Ranbir to come along with him so that he can drop Vikram to home.

But Ranbir refused to go and said that he will help Pragya in her management.

On the other hand, Rhea’s plan is working. Prachi moved forward to step her foot on the water which is spilled by Rhea.

Rhea’s Plan Failed

In yesterday’s episode, Rhea made a plan to give Prachi an electric shock by dropping a glass of water on the floor and putting a naked wire containing electricity in it.

But before she could set foot on it, Ranbir and Pragya saw the whole scene. Just before Prachi set foot on the water, Ranbir threw the plate on the wire to set it aside.

So Ranbir failed the plan of Rhea. Rhea was watching all this hiding behind the curtain. Pragya became doubtful by seeing curtains and said to Ranbir that someone is hiding behind the curtain.

Maya’s father requested the photographer to take a photo of Abhi with the groom and bride.

Abhi took advantage of it and stood beside Maya. He warned Maya that the truth will come in front of everyone and your drama will get over soon.

Pragya moved forward to find the person who is hiding behind the curtain but failed to find because Prachi sneezed at that time. So Pragya returned being concerned about Prachi’s health.

Abhi is back with his music. He sang a song with a guitar in the event. Pragya heard his song and madly followed him. Watching Abhi singing the song made Pragya extremely happy. She was crying and tried to call Abhi but Abhi didn’t receive the call of Pragya due to the rush of media which gathered around Abhi to catch his glimpse.

Maya is upset due to what Abhi told to her. She ran to her room and met with Rhea. Maya was panicking in front of Rhea. She said to Rhea that your father, Ranbir, and Prachi all are under the same roof. Rhea tried a lot to calm down Maya.

Abhi Got Shocked seeing Maya’s Diamond Necklace

Ranbir was following Pragya’s advice to first take Prachi to the doctor and then do other things. They two began a sweet fight regarding this. Prachi said that she is fine and doesn’t need a doctor and Ranbir stuck to his statement of taking her to the doctor.

Maya’s father is so impressed with Abhi’s singing that he asked for a selfie with him. While taking a selfie he showed a photo to Abhi where Maya is wearing a diamond necklace.

Abhi was shocked by seeing the necklace in Maya’s neck. It is the same necklace which Abhi bought it for Rhea some days ago.

Ranbir and Prachi got romantic. Ranbir asked for Prachi to hold his hand and said that he wants to confess something.

Will Ranbir able to make his love confession? Will Pragya get successful in talking to Abhi? Stay with us to know.

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