Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 2 March 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 2 March 2020: Today’s episode kicked off with Ranbir and Prachi getting locked in the library. In yesterday’s episode, we saw that Ranbir and Prachi went to the library to expose Maya but unfortunately, they both ends in getting locked in the library.

Now both of them are frightened and are worrying about what to do. If they remained in the library for the whole night then what will happen. Ranbir took advantage of the situation and gets naughty with Prachi.

Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir And Prachi Gets Close

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 2 March 2020

He came close to Prachi and said the whole college will get empty at night and we will be alone in this library. But then the scene changes from naughtiness to romantic. Prachi shying from Ranbir gets away from him.

Ranbir And Prachi Gets Close

Prachi holding the hand of Ranbir said: “don’t marry Maya”. Ranbir replied that you were always been against the decision of our marriage, then how come you say it now. She didn’t answer him and asked for help from outside by shouting ‘help’.

On the other hand, Rhea after slapping Maya warned her not to marry Ranbir. She said that “I love Ranbir and I hired you because I want Ranbir” But Maya is in no mood to take Rhea’s advice. According to Maya by marrying Ranbir she will get more money.

She said that she has a lot of money right now because her father is a politician. But by marrying Ranbir his whole black money will automatically get converted into white and she will become richer.

Rhea then again warned Maya to stay away from Ranbir. She said that if Maya didn’t listen to her then she will go to her father and will tell the whole truth.

Rhea said that she will speak to her father that Maya accused Ranbir of molesting.

Maya and Rhea Gets Into War Of Words

She also said that she has proof against Maya. The confession which she gave to Prachi where she said that she is doing this all for money. Rhea warned her that she will show this proof to her father.

In reply, Maya said that she also has proof against Rhea. The diamond necklace which Rhea gave to Maya. Maya said that she will go to Mr. Abhi and will reveal things by showing the diamond necklace as proof.

Maya says to Rhea “If you expose me I will expose you”. She also said that my father will bring me back home because of his reputation but your father after listening to me will kick you out from your home.

Rhea gets disturbed after listening to Maya. Maya then teased her by saying please come to our marriage with your whole family.

The peon from the college helped Ranbir and Prachi to get out of the library. While in the process of getting out of the library Prachi gets hurt with the door.

Ranbir being in protective for Prachi scolds her that she should have stood a little bit away from the door.

Rhea is watching both of them and burned with jealousy. Ranbir while searching Aryan reaches to his room.

He then gets himself lost in the dreams of Prachi. And began to talk to himself that why he can’t be able to say to Prachi that he loves her.

Ranbir Is In Love With Prachi

Ranbir’s mom entered the room and heard what he said. She advised Ranbir that to go to that girl and propose her. Ranbir shied a lot in front of her.

Ranbir said to his mom that she is really taking all this as fun rather than being concerned about it.

Then she starts to guess in front of Ranbir about the girl who Ranbir loves.

Ranbir’s mom thinks that Ranbir loves Rhea, but the truth is Ranbir was thinking about Prachi.

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