Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2020 Episode Written Updates

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 19 February 2020: In yesterday’s episode, we saw that Ranbir and Prachi got shocked when they witnessed that Maya’s engagement venue is nonother than Vikram’s hotel.

Today’s episode continued from there. Both of them decide to enter the hotel and find out where Maya is.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 19 February 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 19 Feb 2020

Prachi and Ranbir enter the hotel with a mask on their faces so that nobody can recognize them.

One after the other everyone smells the rat in the hotel. Sarita aunty saw Rhea with Maya smiling and talking to each other.

She then concluded that Rhea is with Maya in her game plan and it is Maya’s engagement happening in this hotel.

Sarita aunty tried to explain this thing to Pragya and said Rhea is with Maya and it’s her engagement which is going on in this hotel.

But Pragya took the side of Rhea and said she is a good girl and cannot do the stuff like this.

Abhi with Vikram saw Maya in the hotel and came to know that it is Maya’s engagement which is going on in his hotel.

Its Maya’s Engagement In The Hotel- Abhi

First Abhi remained in shock after knowing the fact and then he lost his cool. He said he will kick these people out of the hotel right now.

Vikram tried to calm down Abhi but Abhi was not stable at that time. He said to Vikram that these are the people who accused Ranbir of molesting Maya.

And now we are showing hospitality to them. I cannot tolerate all this nonsense. Even you should also not tolerate this.

Replying to Abhi, Vikram said that they are my clients and Maya’s father is a big politician.

Canceling the engagement will break the clause of the contract of the hotel and I can also be jailed for this.

Then after listening to Vikram, Abhi cooled his temper and became normal. Shahana brought the snacks which Pragya made for guest.

She wanted it to be tasted by Abhi before serving it to guests at the party.

Abhi after having the snacks said that he remembers the taste and then he recalled Pragya.

Ranbir and Prachi were talking about Maya that they are here to expose Maya in her engagement when Rhea heard all the statements of them.

Rhea then calls Maya and told her to meet her in Maya’s room.

Ranbir And Prachi Behind Maya

Then Ranbir and Prachi saw Maya following Rhea in her room. Prachi and Ranbir followed them to their room. Knowing that Ranbir and Prachi are following them, Maya and Rhea hid behind the chair.

Getting a chance they entered into the washroom to hide. To find Maya, her mother entered the room where Ranbir and Prachi were already there.

Maya’s mom asked Ranbir and Prachi about Maya’s where being. Then she knocked on the washroom gate yelling Maya’s name.

Rhea was sweating as she was afraid that if she comes out along with Maya then she will be asked several questions.

The one who came out of the washroom was Maya. As soon as Maya came out, Prachi entered the washroom to catch Rhea.

But failed to find her because she was hiding behind the curtain.

Will Prachi be able to find Rhea in the washroom? Will the engagement of Rhea comes to its conclusion without any problem? stay with us to know.

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