Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 7 March 2020 Episode

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 7 March 2020 Episode: Today’s episode starts with Mr. Choubey and his wife waiting for Ranbir and his family to come.

Mr. Choubey said to his wife that they will come after the warning he gave to his family. And the wait is over. They arrive there.

Ranbir and Mr. Choubey hug each other. Ranbir is thinking about Prachi. He says in her mind that where is Prachi? And what happens to Dimple. She should be here right now.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 7 March 2020

Mr. Choubey takes Ranbir with him to the stage and asks him to sit on the sofa. Ranbir while sitting waits for Dimple to arrive as per the plan.

Kumkum Bhagya 7 March 2020 Written Updates

Instead of Dimple Maya arrived with her mother. On the other hand, Prachi is outside Dimple’s house. She calls Dimple and asked her about her whereabouts. Dimple says to Prachi I can’t come.

Prachi requests her to come soon or the plan will fail. Dimple said to Prachi that she will get late. Then Prachi says it’s alright to be late but please come.

Engagement Ceremony Begins in Kumkum Bhagya

Maya arrives at the stage and says hello to Ranbir. She says to Ranbir that I want to talk to you. Then she takes Ranbir to somewhere in a private place.

There she confesses her feelings to Ranbir. She says that in the library when you were confessing your feelings to me, I said no to you.

But my no is yes. And I am like falling for you, she continued. Ranbir when heard this got frustrated with himself and began to think about Prachi.

Maya’s father interrupts both of them and asks Maya to come with him because the time of the Engagement ceremony has been started.

Sahana & Sarita Aunty

Sarita Aunty and Shahana are worried about Ranbir. Mr. Choubey orders his wife to take out the engagement ring soon.

Sarita Aunty in her mind says Prachi has not arrived till yet. Engagement is about to happen.

Maya is about to put on the ring in Ranbir’s finger. But Ranbir is not ready. Mr. Choubey forcefully forwards Ranbir’s hand and then Ranbir wears the rings from Maya.

Ranbir’s Turn

Now its Ranbir’s turn. Ranbir is still worried and thinks about Prachi and Dimple. Pandit Ji says that Shubh Mahurat is about to expire. Ranbir, do quickly.

Ranbir made an excuse that he forgot his ring at home. Mr. Choubey says not to worry It was known to me that you will forget your ring in excitement and hurry. That’s why I made an extra ring for the ceremony.

And he gives the ring to Ranbir. Ranbir was about to put on the ring in Maya’s finger that a girl in a Ghoongat appeared in the ceremony saying this engagement will not take place.

The Girl Arrives As Per The Plan

The girl said that six months ago Ranbir married her. MR. Choubey and his wife shouted to her what rubbish you are talking about.

Prachi is the girl in Ghoongat. Ranbir says to the Prachi that I don’t know you. Who the hell are you? Prachi caught the line of Ranbir where he speaks ‘Yaar’ to her.

Prachi answered being under the Ghoongat to Ranbir that don’t tell me Yaar again and again.

Ranbir got understood that it is Prachi under the Ghoongat. He requested everyone to let him handle the situation. He goes to Prachi and takes her away in front of everyone.

Prachi came to a room with Ranbir. Prachi removes Ghoongat in front of Ranbir. Ranbir then asks Prachi where is Dimple? Prachi answered that she left Delhi.

Everything Moves As Per The Plan

Prachi scolded Ranbir saying you should have told in front of everyone that Yes she is my former wife. But instead of saying this you said that you don’t know me.

Ranbir accepts this and says let us continue our drama outside. Pallavi, Vikram, and Beiji are in great confusion.

Sarita Aunty doubted the girl and says she is not Dimple. Ranbir and Prachi arrive together in the ceremony hall.

Shahana recognizes the girl in the Ghoongat and said to Sarita Aunty that the girl is Prachi.

Ranbir wanted to say in front of everyone that the girl in the Ghoongat is his wife. But no one gives the chance to him to speak. Mr. Choubey said that he believes Ranbir. This girl is not the wife of Ranbir.

The Moment…

Ranbir then tells everyone that she is my wife. I didn’t recognized her first because of her Ghoongat. But now I am confirmed that she is my wife.

Pallavi is frightened and says to Ranbir that don’t be afraid. This girl in the room has warned you that’s why you are saying all this.

Ranbir then hugs her and says he is my wife. Mr. Choubey says that we are getting late for the engagement. Prachi then says to everyone that I have proof and will show you all.

Prachi Came With A Proof

Then she takes out a photograph of Ranbir and herself. Ranbir got afraid thinking that in a photograph there would be him and Dimple.

But Prachi played it smartly. She brought the photo where Ranbir is with Dimple and Dimple is in Ghoongat in the photograph. Prachi said that she and Ranbir married in the temple.

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