Kumkum Bhagya Episode 11 March 2020 Written Updates

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update, 11 March 2020: Starts with Alia calling in Abhi’s office and asking about his whereabouts. Alia asks office colleagues, where is Bhai? He replies that our investor is in the hospital because of a heart attack. So sir will stay here for today.

Sir said that he will go home tomorrow for celebrating Holi, said office colleague to Alia. Alia goes to Mira and says to her that pack the bags of Rhea.

On the other hand, Ranbir and his whole family remain upset throughout their traveling to their way home.

Kumkum Bhagya, Written Updates 11 March 2020

The reason behind their being upset is Mr. Choubey. Mr. Choubey forced Ranbir to engage Maya and he succeeded in it.

Kumkum Bhagya Episode 11 March 2020 Written Updates

Prachi reaches home with Sarita Behen and Shahana. Pragya hugs Prachi. Pragya asks Prachi, engagement is done?.

Prachi takes the whole blame of Ranbir’s engagement on herself. She said that it is because of her that the plan failed.

Dimple went to Delhi and what would I have done? There was no option left with me. That’s why I went there under the Ghoongat, she continued.

Pragya asks Prachi, what Mr. Choubey says to you when he saw you. Sarita Behen says he didn’t say anything. Instead of being angry he invited all of us to his Holi celebration.

Pragya still doesn’t play Holi

Sarita Behen says we all should go there because this is the last chance with us to separate Ranbir and Maya. Pragya rejected the offer of Sarita Behen and said she will not go to the Holi celebration.

Sarita Behen asks Prachi that why Prachi said no for the function? Prachi answered mom doesn’t celebrate Holi.

Ranbir’s family is disturbed thinking about what happened in the engagement. Abhi calls Vikram.

Vikram is angry with him and says to him that he should be here when this all mess was happening. Abhi explains the reason to Vikram about his investor.

Vikram understood and keeps on listening to Abhi. Abhi tells Vikram to invite Mr. Choubey and his family to his house. Vikram says that we already are invited to his house for the Holi celebration.

Abhi says I don’t know anything. Just invite him. How you gonna invite it’s upon you. I will be there too and talk to him face to face. Vikram asks Abhi, Will you play Holi? He answers, no, I will not play Holi and will be there for Ranbir only.

Mira is wondering why Abhi doesn’t celebrate Holi? Is Pragya the reason?

Pragya and Abhi are in their thoughts of their past Holi celebration. They both think that they will only play Holi with each other or will not play Holi.

Pallavi Invites MR. Choubey For The Holi Celebration At Her House

Ranbir and his family are thinking about a plan. they are wondering about how to call Mr. Choubey at their house.

Pallavi takes the phone from the Vikram and calls Mr. Choubey. She says to him, we are regrating about your invitation.

Now please give us a chance to show our hospitality towards you by coming to our house for the Holi celebration.

Mr. Choubey first says no to Pallavi and announces to her that you all have to come to his house for the Holi celebration.

Then Pallavi says to Mr. Choubey that if we come to your house then our relatives will ask about our whereabouts.

They will ask us that at the Holi festival why we are not in our house. They will get angry with us and will not attend our Ranbir’s marriage.

Mr. Choubey gets it and says to Pallavi that he with his whole family will definitely come there. Pallavi is happy that Mr. Choubey got into her trap.

Mr. Choubey Accepts The Pallavi’s Invitation

Ranbir calls Prachi and tells her that she with her family have to come to his house to celebrate Holi. Mr. Choubey will also come there.

Prachi is upset. Sarita Behen asks Prachi why you are upset? Prachi tells Sarita Behen that she is upset for Ranbir.

Sarita Behen gives an idea to Prachi and said Prachi should take her mother with her in the Holi Celebration at Ranbir’s house. She will definitely help you and Ranbir with the problem.

Prachi says she will not come. Sarita Behen then says she will definitely come if you will insist her. She can’t see you upset.

What will happen next? Will Pragya go with Prachi at the Holi celebration? Will Abhi comes with a solution to the problem?

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