Kumkum Bhagya 10 March 2020 Episode Written Updates

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 10 March 2020: Today’s episode starts with Prachi being under the Ghoongat tries to convince everyone that she is the wife of Ranbir.

But no one believed that. Pallavi and Vikram continuously oppose the marriage. Pallavi then hugs Ranbir with the intension to whisper in the Ranbir’s ear. She asks him, what is going on?.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 10 March 2020

Ranbir says to Pallavi, the girl in the Ghhoongat is Prachi and she is doing drama to save me from this marriage. Prachi lifts the Ghoongat in front of Pallavi. Pallavi got the point and accepts Prachi as her daughter in law.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update, 10 March 2020

Everybody tries to leave from there with accepting Prachi as their daughter in law. But Mr. Choubey makes them stop and says that you all would have accepted the marriage but we don’t accept this marriage and Ranbir have to marry Maya only.

NGO Women’s Arrives For Ranbir’s Help

NGO arrives to save Ranbir. They tell everyone that you all can’t force Ranbir to marry Maya because he is already a husband of the girl standing in Ghoongat.

Maya’s mother scolds Prachi and says, shut up your mouth and remove your Ghoongat. Prachi says I can’t show my face.

Beiji also helps Prachi by saying to Maya’s mother that she is a new bride and a little bit shy. Don’t force her to show her face.

And then all tried to leave from there. Mr. Choubey again interrupted and yelled in front of all that you all can’t leave this place. Ranbir will marry Maya only.

Written Update of Kumkum Bhagya, 10 March 2020

NGO women interrupted and say will you gonna force Ranbir to marry Maya? Then you have to face the legal battle in the court. Mr. Choubey replies that you don’t know me.

Ranbir’s family supported Prachi. Maya’s mother takes Maya in the room and urges her to break this marriage. Maya is shocked by her mother’s statement.

Maya’s Mother Is On Ranbir’s Side

Maya asks her mother what are you saying? Maya’s mother reply that if you will marry Ranbir then you will get the curse of that woman in the Ghoongat.

Your remaining life will get ruin, she continued. Maya says what rubbish you are talking about. Despite being so educated you are talking about this rubbish.

Sahana is listening to Maya’s mother and Maya’s conversation. Mr. Choubey interrupted Maya and her mother and says that this marriage will take place. Now it’s all about my respect and image.

On the other hand, the whole family of Ranbir with Prachi gathered in a room and wondering what Mr. Choubey and his family would be thinking about this drama.

Shahana enters the room and tells everybody that Maya’s mother is against the marriage of Maya and Ranbir but her husband is still sticking to his decision.

Mr. Choubey’s guard orders all members to meet Mr. Choubey. Ranbir’s family reaches to Mr. Choubey. Mr. Choubey tells everyone that this marriage is now a big issue for his prestige.

He urges the women in Ghoongat to let the engagement of Ranbir and Maya happens. I will help you to find a perfect groom to marry, he says.

Mr. Choubey continues, there is my nephew who is ready for marriage. He will surely obey me and will marry you. He then calls his nephew and asks him to marry the girl in the Ghoonghat.

Nephew in front of everyone agrees with his uncle. Mr. Choubey orders Pandit Ji to start Mantra.

Ranbir is angry with Mr. Choubey and declares all this rubbish. Maya says to Ranbir that if you were already married then why didn’t you told me before.

Its Prachi Inside The Ghoongat

Maya then aggressively approaches Pachi saying she wants to see the girl’s face. And then she removes the Ghoongat. All get shocked seeing Prachi under the Ghoongat.

Mr. Choubey askes her wife who is she? Maya answered that she is Prachi, Ranbir’s friend. Mr. Choubey then warns Prachi that you with whole members of Ranbir’s family did this drama to stop this engagement.

He also warns NGO women that he will file a case against them for supporting Prachi in her drama.

Alia knocking the door of Rhea. But Rhea is not answering her. Pallavi calls Alia and explained all the situation to her.

She asks Alia, where is Abhi? We need him badly. Mr. Choubey asks everyone who is against this marriage? Raise your hands.

Ranbir and his whole family raises their hand with Shahana and Prachi. But Mr. Choubey says that he agrees with the marriage and this Jabariya Jodi marriage will take place right here only.

Ranibir and Maya Gets Engaged

Mr. Choubey then force begins to drag Ranbir to the stage. Pandit ji starts his mantra. Maya wears the ring from Ranbir’s hand. All the members of Ranbir’s family are afraid including Prachi.

Mr. Choubey congrats all, especially Mr. Vikram and invite him and his family for holy celebration.

What will happen next? Will the marriage of Ranbir and Maya takes place in the future? Is Will Ranbir’s family gonna accept this engagement of Maya and Ranbir?

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