Kumkum Bhagya Episode 26th February Written Updates

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 26th February: Today’s episode kicked off with Ranbir entering Prachi’s home for the solution. Prachi didn’t let him come in because of the mess he created in Maya’s engagement.

Prachi fought with Ranbir saying whatever is happening right now is because of you. When their fight got naughty, Pragya interrupts them. Pragya said we all have to work together to find the solution to this problem.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 26 February 2020

On the other hand, Abhi and Vikram are totally unaware of the Ranbir and Maya’s engagement. They are drinking together and celebrating the success of their hotel’s event.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 26 February

Ranbir’s moms call Ranbir and said where ever you are. Reach home in 15 minutes.

Prachi received a call where she is told to deliver an office file to Mr. Mehra. Ranbir said to Prachi that he will drop her. But Prachi is still angry with him but in the end, agrees to go with him.

In-car Ranbir tried to convince Prachi in a naughty way but Prachi seems to be in no mood.

Ranbir Gets Naughty With Prachi

Ranbir held the hands of Prachi in trying to convince her. He said that you should feel pity for me for what I am going through.

Prachi getting annoyed by all this comes out from the car. Ranbir says sorry to her and also tried to lighten her mood by doing Kathak. Prachi laughs seeing Ranbir doing Kathak.

Prachi said to Ranbir that he is very annoying and then she sat again in the car. Ranbir seeing all this said to himself that Prachi has some feelings for him whether it is of friend or boyfriend.

Ranbir and Prachi reach Ranbir’s home. Maya with her family was already present there. Ranbir is shocked to see Maya and her family. Abhi, Vikram and Ranbir’s mom asked Ranbir that Maya’s family is saying that Ranbir and Maya are going to marry. Is this true?

Abhi in front of everyone said that this marriage will not take place. Maya’s father said that Ranbir in front of every one proposed my daughter for marriage and because of him our daughter’s engagement got ruined.

Abhi considered the whole fact as total nonsense. Maya’s father then runs the whole video as proof in front of Ranbir’s family where Ranbir clearly proposes Maya for marriage.

After watching the video Maya’s mother distributes sweets among the Ranbir’s family members. Then Vikram gets angry and strictly tells Maya’s father that Ranbir will not be going to marry Maya.

Listening to the statement of Vikram Maya’s father gets angry and took the gun out of the pocket firing in the air.

Rhea also came there. Maya’s father in an angry tone said to everyone that whatever Ranbir said in his confession was heard by all.

Maya’s Father Warned All Of Them

Then Maya’s father warned everyone that Ranbir has two choices. Either he marries his daughter or will go to jail. He said that he knows that Ranbir is facing the charges of molestation which Maya has put on him.

Maya’s father also warns the whole family that he will not leave everyone and will send each and every member of the family to jail.

Then after he apologizes to everyone for his behavior.

Maya’s father left from there and everybody then starred at Ranbir. Ranbir tried to explain all of them that he was only blackmailing Maya.

He said that he was trying to blackmail Maya to either reveal the truth or he will tell everyone that he loves Maya a lot and will ruin her engagement.

Ranbir’s Dadi said that she will not allow Maya to be the daughter in law of this house.

Of which Vikram replied that this marriage of Ranbir and Maya will take place.

What will happen next? Will Maya and Ranbir get married? Or Rhea and Prachi will do something to stop their marriage. Stay with us to know.

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