KumKum Bhagya 3rd Febuary 2020 Episode Written Update

Popular Tv show Kumkum Bhagya starts with Abhi slapping Ranbir for coming home in a drunk state. Yesterday’s episode we saw that Ranbir getting hurt from Prachi, came into the house in a completely drunk position.

Abhi seeing him in this state gives a tight slap to him. The story continued from there. Abhi when realizes his mistake of slapping Ranbir hugged him. Ranbir said sorry to Abhi. To which Abhi replied don’t be sorry. Just be in your senses and don’t worry everything will be alright.

KumKum Bhagya Febuary 2020 Episode

KumKum Bhagya Febuary 2020 Episode | Written Update

Pragya when reaches home only thinks about Ranbir. In her mind, she was pondering about Ranbir that he is innocent. His eyes were speaking the truth.

Pragya chated with Prachi about Ranbir and said there should be some kind of misunderstanding with you. I think Ranbir is innocent. I can see in her eyes.

Prachi in replied took the side of Maya and defended her. She said that she will take the side of Right. Maya has been a prey to Molestation and Ranbir should be punished for his doing. Then suddenly Maya appeared in front of Pragya, who was inside the house.

Prachi in presence of Maya said to Pragya that he will not leave Ranbir for what he did to Maya. Maya started crying.

Maya and Prachi started worrying about how to fight against Ranbir. Ranbir is from a very rich family. Maya in front of Pragya said Ranbir is from a very wealthy family and to fight against him is not so easy. They are very strong people and only Prachi can fight against them.

Maya Demanded Pragya’s Help

Maya didn’t stop there only she also demanded Pragya’s help in this case. She said that we all should gather together against Ranbir then only we can win this case.

When Maya left Prachi’s house, Pragya said to Prachi that Maya is lying and there should be a big reason behind her lie.

Rhea picked Maya from out of the Prachi’s house. Maya was drinking while walking on the road. Rhea scolded her and said her foolishness will ruin her plan.

Maya said to Rhea that at Prachi’s home I have convinced each and everyone that Ranbir is accused and everyone believed her.

Pragya urged Prachi again and again that Ranbir is innocent. She got frustrated by Prachi how cant she able to see the truth.

Prachi’s Shocking Revelation

Then Prachi revealed a shocking fact. She said that she is with Ranbir not with Maya.

Everybody got shocked and demanded an explanation from Prachi. She said that she was playing Maya to know her next move because Maya did a drama of suicide and can harm the image of Ranbir.

Pragya said to Prachi that don’t be late and tell the truth to Ranbir that you are with him.

on the other side, Aryan tried to lighten the mood of Ranbir. When Aryan left from there, Rhea entered.

Rhea said to Ranbir that won’t be disturbed with what has happened. Just relax, I am there for you.

Ranbir regretted himself in front of Rhea that he didn’t trust Rhea before. Rhea in her mind thought that she has been successful in her plan of getting Ranbir’s trust.

Pragya in the morning praises Prachi in front of her and said that I have a very intelligent daughter. You are so beautiful and intelligent too.

She also urged Prachi to talk to Ranbir and tell him the truth. Prachi picked her phone to call Ranbir.

Rhea Saw The Prachi’s Call

Ranbir left his phone in the hall and went to his room. Then comes the twist in the end. Rhea saw that Prachi is calling Ranbir.

While looking at Ranbir’s phone, Rhea in her mind asked a question to herself that why is Prachi calling Rhea?

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