Kashmira Shah revealed the truth behind Arti’s Confession related to Molestation in Big Boss 13

Yesterday’s episode of Big Boss 13 would be the best episode of the whole season. Yesterday the Big Boss contestant like Madhurima Tulli, Vishal, Rashmi Desai, and Paras Chabra revealed some shocking confessions.

At Day 104, Deepika Padukone along with Laxmi Agarwal and Vikrant Massey increased the entertainment bar of the show with their presence. They were there for the promotion of their movie Chhapaak.

Kashmira Shah revealed the truth behind Arti's Confession related to Molestation in Big Boss 13

Laxmi Agarwal brought a task with herself named Muh Dikhai where the contestant has to reveal some shocking incidents happened with them.

Laxmi is the woman on which the movie Chhapaak is filmed. She is the survivor of an acid attack. In the Muh Dhikai task Arti Singh, sister of Krushna revealed that at an age of 15, house servent had molested her.

She said she almost being rapped at that time. But anyhow she manages to escape the incident.

But the story coming out from out of the Big Boss house is different. Kashmira Shah, the sister in law of Arti Singh revealed that she and his husband Krushna doesn’t know anything about the rape incident.

Kashmira while facing the question, said that she and her husband are unaware of the incident and are deeply hurt by Arti. She also said she is blindsided and can only clear the things after speaking to Arti when she comes out.

Kashmira is clear in her thought and said that she wants to kill the person who molested her. According to Kashmira, she is the kind of person who always stood for the victims. But she is hurt that there is a victim in her house and she is unaware of it.

It seems like the famous item girl of Bollywood is angry as well as hurt by the confession of Arti Singh.

But Arti Singh is not only the one who revealed such a shocking incident. Contestants like Madhurima Tuli and Vishal also shared some molestation incidents.

According to Madhurima, her tuition teacher molested her several times when she was a child. She also said that she told the incident to her parents.

Madhurima’s mother came out in front and in an interview, she said that it was Madhurima’s teacher who used to pinch her inappropriately at the time of taking tuition.

Later we grabbed him. According to Madhurima’s mom, Madhurima didn’t need to open up with this incident in a reality show.

So the Arti is not the only one for whom the reactions came.

But in the show, Arti in front of Laxmi said that after the incident she ran towards her mom and revealed the incident to her mom and her family.

And Kashmira Shah saying something different. Truth can come out only when Arti comes out of the house.

We want to salute Laxmi Agarwal for bringing such a sporty task that opened up every contestant. We wish her the best of luck for her future.

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