Chhapaak, low on its first day/ Court ordered Chhapaak team to give credit to Aparna Bhat for the movie

Deepika Padukone and Vikrant Massey starer Chhapaak showed a slow start in its first-day collection.

After promoting the movie for so long and being in several types of controversies, low figures are shocking.

Chhapaak released on 10th January. Its first-day collection can be considered as the lowest collection of Deepika’s career. Chhapaak could only able to collect 4.77 Cr in India on its first day.

Chhapaak Movies Box Office Collection

Her movies like Piku, Break Ke Baad and Love Aaj
Kal was great on their first day after release despite being low budget movies.

The collection of Piku starring Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone collected 5.5 Crore on its first day.

But this was not expected from the movie. The critics have given a good rating to the movie. The performances of the actors have appreciated whether it is of Deepika Padukone or Vikrant Massey.

So where did the movie lacked? What is the reason behind it? Do the choices of the audiences are only restricted towards the comedy and action?

They don’t want to stick to the movies which subject social issues?

The reasons could be many. But some of the reasons which affected the earning could be like Deepika getting involved in the JNU Violence incident and showing condolence towards the victim.

Deepika’s involvement irked many politicians and they spoke against her. Some of them raised the questions like what is she doing in the JNU campus? Is showing a sympathy is just an act of promoting the movie?

Some of the politicians came forward in her favor when Deepika and her team received the warning of banning the movie from release.

So controversies like this could be the reason for its low start.

Tanahji: The Unsung Warrior which released on the same day can also be blamed for its slow start as it is doing well in the Box Office. Tanahji is a multi starer movie starring Ajay Devgn, Kajol, and Saif Ali Khan. Its first-day collection stand to 14.5 Cr(Approx), which is triple of Chappaak.

The critics are estimating that the Chhapaak can boost its collection on Saturday and Sunday.

Delhi Court ordered the Chhapaak Makers to give credit to Aparna Bhat for the movie

Another controversy that is associated with the movie is related to the Lawyer of Laxmi Agarwal. Aparna Bhat is the lady behind the success of the Laxmi Agarwal case.

Laxmi fought 10 year battle for justice in the Acid Attack case. Aparna Bhat was the lawyer of Laxmi at that time.

Aparna on a day of release took the legal action against the team of Chhapaak for not giving any kind of credit of the movie to her.

Now Delhi High court ordered the team of Chhapaak to give credit to Aparna.

The verdict of the court is based upon the statement of Aparna stating that the team of Chhapaak took the help of her for the movie.

According to Aparna, she had given her precious time to the team of Chhapaak helping them in their storyline.

With due respect to the court, the makers of the movie will give credit to Aparna and make changes in the movie with effect from 15th January 2020.

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