Bollywood stars in Makarsakranti 2020

Makar Sankranti is a festival of prosperity and love which is celebrated in all parts of India. The pattern of celebration and the name of Sankranti vary with the parts in India.

As Makar Sankranti comes closer the fans of Bollywood stars become excited in knowing what his or her actors gonna do in Sankranti. How their stars gonna wish them at the festival.

In the era of social media, fans stay in touch with their favorite stars and eagerly wait about their doings. The trend continues the same in Lohri 2020. Various actors wished their fans Happy Lohri their style.

How Bollywood Stars Wished Thier Fans Happy Lohri

As we all know the Lohri festival is celebrated by Punjabi with all Enthusiasm. Not only in Punjab but in all parts of India where the Punjabi resides, celebrates Lohri.

Akshay kumar MAkar Sakranti

Lohri is celebrated on the 13th of January 2020 and there are lots of stars in Bollywood who are Punjabi’s. So here we gonna share with you some wishes shared by Bollywood stars with their fans.

When we talk about a Punjabi actor, Sunny Deol’s our ‘Dhai Kilo Ka Hath‘ actor and newly-elected MP from Gurdaspur comes first in our mind. Sunny Deol shared a tweet with a video of him wishing his fans Happy Lohri. He gave his message in the Punjabi Language.

The versatile actor Akshay Kumar who with his movie Good Newwz sets the new bar for Bollywood wished Happy Lohri in his style. He tweeted “Wishing you all a very #HappyLohri. May this joyous occasion bring happiness and prosperity to you and your family”

Dreamgirl of Bollywood, our Hema Mam went to Twitter and wished their fans Happy Lohri.

How Makarsakranti Celebrated in India

People celebrated Lohri on 13th January 2020. And now its time to celebrate Makar Sankranti. Sankranti’s celebration stands for three days in various parts of India.

With Lohri on 13th January, Makarskranti in 14th(In some part of India it is celebrated on 15th), Bihu in Assam on 14th, the festival continues with showering all its blessings in India.

Lohri 2020

In states like Madhya Pradesh and Uttarpradesh  People enjoy Makar Sankranti by playing their favorite game Gulli Danda and also by flying kites. Mostly in various states, people enjoy flying Kites as they find it their favorite sport.

States like Gujrat and Rajasthan are also famous for the Flying Kites. These states organize a competition of flying kite at an expert level.

Makar Sankranti Celebrated

The sweatest message that we receive at this festival would be of Maharashtra. There Makar Sankranti continues for three days. People come out with there clean clothes and wishes each other saying “tilgud ghya god god bola”

They wish each other by giving sweet dishes. The meaning of the sentence stands ‘Eat sweet and talk sweetly’ in Marathi.

Like whole India is celebrating Lohri, We also wish a happy Lohri and Makar Sankranti to all.

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