Amrita Dhanoa, Ex Girlfriend of Arhaan Khan, Arrested In Sex Racket

Recently evicted contestant of Big Boss 13, Arhaan Khan was always been in the news, whether he is in the Big Boss house or out of it.

But this time her Ex-Girlfriend is in the news. His Ex-girlfriend Amrita Dhanoa who once alleged Arhaan of cheating with her for 5 lakh Rs.

Arrested In Sex Racket
Amrita Dhanoa, Ex Girlfriend of Arhaan Khan

Amrita has been arrested for running a sex racket in a five-star hotel in Goregaon, Mumbai. As we all know that Mumbai police is always very strick and alert for cases like sex racket.

Every day such kinds of cases appear in front of us. Police captured Amrita Dhanao and also arrested another model who is involved in this sex racket named Richa Singh. Both the models are kept in the custody of the Mumbai Police.

Police Rescued Girls Sex Racket From Hotel

According to the cops, these two models were pushing girls forcefully in the prostitution business. Police have rescued many girls from the hotel.

But how police busted this high profile sex racket is the question. And the answer is police visited the hotel in a civil dress in the name of the customer who wants a prostitute. In this way, they did direct communication with the supplier and busted him.

“An actress and a model were arrested for sending these girls for prostitution. We have rescued two girls and arrested the other two people in the case,” Dharnendra Kamble, Senior Police Inspector stated while addressing media.

The Sex Rackets In Mumbai

Sex Rackets in India always make the news. News related to sex racket comes nearly every day in media. But this time the person who is involved in the case is not a normal thing.

Amrita Dhanao is an Ex-girlfriend of Arhaan Khan. Arhaan has always been a controversial contestant of Big Boss season 13. When he was inside the Big Boss house, Salman Khan in a weekend Ka Vaar episode lashed on him for not revealing the fact to Rashmi Desai that he is a father of Kid with his ex-wife.

Arhaan in the show proposed Rashmi Desai and shared his feeling. But according to Salman Khan, he cheated on her by hiding this fact. Salman said that he should have told Rashmi. After that Arhaan apologized Salman for his doings.

When Arhaan Khan proposed Rashmi, Amrita came in front and the given interview she alleged Arhaan of her for Rs. 5 Lakh.

She filed a FiR accusing Arhaan of cheating her for money several times when they both were in the relationship.

The model who filed FIR is now in trouble. She and her fellow model Richa Singh have been booked under sections 370 (3) and 34 of the IPC and sections 4,5 of Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act.

Now we have to see how Arhaan gonna react in this case as he is out of the Big Boss house and eagerly waiting for Rashmi to come out as they both are in love.

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