Afzal Guru was treated as a Scapegoat – Soni Razdan

Afzal Guru, the 2001 Indian Parliament attacker is back in the news. He made a plan to attack the Parliament being the mastermind of the Lashkar E Taiba group.

Before the court hanged him on the 9th of February 2013, Afzal wrote a letter to his lawyer from Tihar Jail mentioning the name of Davinder Singh, who is a police officer from Jammu and Kashmir.

Devinder Singh And Afzal guru

Davinder Singh is the man who was investigating the Afzal Guru case with two other terrorists.

Afzal Guru in a letter wrote that Davinder Singh tortured him a lot at the time of his duty and also extorted money.

Not only this, he introduced Afzal to a person who has also been the part of the Indian Parliament attack. According to Afzal Davinder ordered him to arrange a car and a better place to live for the attackers.

Indirectly Afzal blamed Davinder Singh for the Indian Parliament attack.

There was a time when some people from Jammu and Kashmir favored Afzal Guru and announces him innocently.

Now again there comes a person who has spoken for Afzal Guru. Yes, she is none other than Soni Razdan, mother of Alia Bhatt and wife of Mahesh Bhatt.

Soni Razdan shared the letter of Afzal Guru in her twitter account and called him ‘scapegoat’. She tweeted “This is a travesty of justice.

Who is going to bring back a man from the dead if he is innocent? This is why the death penalty is not to be used lightly. And this is why there also needs to be a solid inquiry into why Afzal Guru was made the scapegoat”

According to Soni, there could be chances that Afzal Guru is innocent. It could be Davinder Singh who forced him to commit this type of offense.

In her tweet, she also demanded an inquiry for investigation in this case.

But when she saw that her followers on twitter are showering replies which are against her. Then she cleared her facts by another tweet.

She said that she was not saying that Afzal Guru is innocent. But she only demands an inquiry in the case. What if according to her, Davinder tortured Afzal and forced him for what he did in the Parliament.

She continued “Why did no one take Afzal’s allegations about Devinder Singh seriously”

Afzal Guru in his letter disclosed many things and accused Davinder for them. According to him, it was Davinder who ordered Afzal for accompanying the other terrorist for traveling to Delhi.

The mother of Alia Bhatt, Soni Razdan is an active twitter and several times she highlighted some serious issues in her tweet.

But this time she has shown a light on some serious stuff. Now we have to see that will she be heard for her appeal or wouldn’t be taken seriously.

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